• Misconduct Prevention Policy

  • Electronic Communications Policy

  • Staff Acknowledgment Form

  • Parent Acknowledgement Form

  • Parent Newsletter

  • Video ​for Staff Policy Training

  • Step-by-Step Implementation Guide

Immediate Document & Video Access

Training Video Sample HERE

​​This toolkit has everything you need to establish a misconduct policy, effectively communicate that policy with your parents, employees, and coaches, and the tools you need for training .  The forms are ready-made and easy to plug in to whatever athlete registration and staff HR system you already have in place.  Based on suggested USAG recommendations and in accordance with Safe Sport best practices, this toolkit has the resources you need to help guard against misconduct, or perceptions of misconduct in your gym.​


Get it today and rest easy tonight knowing that your gym is positioning itself as a leader in the community and that you have taken the necessary steps to protect your athletes, staff and also your brand

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